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One in five Australians are affected by mental illness each year. Mental illness can be overwhelming, crippling and isolating.

Black Dog is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of people affected by mood disorders. Black Dog Institute educates and empowers individuals by partnering with community groups and health services.

They work with doctors and health care professionals, schools and workplaces, supporting them to triumph over mental illness.  They offer special expertise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention for depression and bipolar disorder.

10th October is World Mental Health Day. Black Dog Institute is asking all Australians to think about mental health and get involved. 

Start conversations around mental health with your family and friends. Seek out and allow people to help you if you feel you are not managing. Build awareness in your local community. 

Mental illness affects every Australian. Half of us will experience it directly while the rest - carers, families, friends and colleagues - will live with or witness its impacts.

Get out there and break down the barriers!

The Black Dog Institute has
four important goals:

  • to diagnose mood disorders accurately and early,
  • treat them using innovative, effective and accessible strategies,
  • prevent their onset by understanding why and who they affect and
  • to reduce the overall impact of mental illness and save lives.

Black Dog Institute’s vision is a world where the onset of depression and suicide can be prevented and treated.

With your help, we can make this vision a reality. 

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