Frequently Asked Questions
Perth Home Search Service

After viewing a property, our consultants provide you with a written unbiased property report.

After viewing a property, our consultants provide you with a written unbiased property report.

Are we guaranteed to be the successful applicant if we engage the services of New In Town?

Whilst we will advise you on how to put forward the best possible application and all necessary accompanying documentation, the final decision lies with the owner.   It is advantageous that we have a good rapport with many property managers and that we are very well prepared when submitting an application on your behalf.     

Can you just view one property for us?

Our packages start from a minimum of 5 hours.  A lot of preparation goes into the process of seeking a home. From past experience up to 5 hours is the average time it would take to secure a property.  

Can I send through properties that I'm interested in?

Yes in fact, we encourage you to forward any properties that you think you would like us to view as it gives us a better idea of the type of property that you are interested in.  We will also forward properties that we think are suitable to you.  

Can I do property inspections on an orientation tour? 

Orientation does not include home inspections.  If you would like us to arrange private property viewings, you will need to sign up for one of our home search or home and school search packages.  Home Search is a minimum of 5 hours. 

What is the usual time frame it takes to secure a rental property?

This will depend entirely on the strength of the application presented.   In most cases, 5 hours is adequate to secure a property however, you need to take into consideration location, budget and requirements.  Sometimes it will require some flexibility on your part.  Our job is to make sure that you are well prepared so that we are able to present the best application possible. 

Are you able to provide a floor plan of a rental property?

We provide a detailed unbiased report of our home inspections including  the positives and negative aspects.  We are unable to draw up floor plans during a home inspection.  The managing agent will supply a floor plan of a rental property if it is available.  If not, we are able to engage a specialist company to have a floor plan drawn up at your own cost.  The cost will vary on your requirements.  

Can I negotiate rental price?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration during the application process.  We will advise you and assist with negotiations at the time of submitting an application.    All offers need to be presented in writing on a tenancy application form.  It will be up to the owner to either accept or reject your offer. 

Can I apply for more than one property at a time?

We won't submit more than one application on a property at any given time.  Processing of an application is time consuming for the leasing agents and can often take up to several days.  

When can we expect to hear back once an application is presented?

Once we present an application to the agent and as long as everything is in order,  we should expect to receive an answer within 12 - 48 hours.  Things that can cause delays in processing are:

  • availability of your personal referees
  • the property owner is not contactable
  • incomplete applications 

How is home search charged?

Our Home Search package is costed for up to 5 hours of service including all correspondence with our clients and property managers, travel time to and from the home viewings, property inspections, property inspection report, negotiating terms and conditions of the lease and submission of tenancy applications.  Any additional hours will be charged at $95.00 per hour + GST.  Additional fees will also apply for property inspections in the outer suburbs of Perth and property inspections conducted on weekends. In past experience up to 5 hours is the average time it would take to secure a property.  

Can I still apply for a property if I am seeking employment?

As long as you are able to show that you can afford the rent, you are able to apply for a property.  You will be required to provide proof of income in the form of savings.  

Can I enrol my children into the local school?

To be eligible to attend most Perth public schools, you will need to live within the school boundary or catchment area.  On enrolling your children, the school will require proof of residence including a copy of a lease agreement and utilities accounts in your name. It is advisable to check with each individual school or download a boundary map located on the school's website.  For more information on schools go our Perth Schools section. 

For further information about leasing a property in Perth, visit the Department Of Commerce and download a free copy of the guide that explains your rights and responsibilities.  RENTING A HOME IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - A TENANTS GUIDE