Corporate Clients

Relocating an executive is a significant investment, and one that carries a degree of risk. This decision can have a positive or a negative impact on your bottom line, depending on the success of the relocation and its effect on the relocated executive and their partner or family.

New In Town can help to maximise your investment by providing a comprehensive range of relocation services at very competitive rates, and by ensuring that your executive is free of distractions, ready to join the local team.

The key benefits of engaging New In Town to design and manage your executive's relocation.

  • Cash flow management
    All the administration is left to us. We assume management for expenses incurred, rendering you one itemised account for each relocation.
  • Lightening the load
    Your Human Resources Division can focus on work place matters with which they are most familiar, whilst we focus on home-to-home issues.
  • Promoting a work/life balance
    Your company will get a reputation for looking after its executives, which is a point of difference when wanting to attract the best in a very competitive market.
  • Team morale = productivity = retention
    Feeling valued, your executive settles quickly resulting in these favourable outcomes.
  • On-Going Support
    We provide continued telephone and email support to your client post their relocation.

View our Relocation Packages to find out how we can assist your business.   

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