Individual Clients

Making the decision to relocate to Perth can be one of the best moves you ever make, but without the right assistance on the ground, it can also be expensive and emotionally draining for you and your family.

At New In Town, we understand the magnitude of the investment you are making, because we've been through it ourselves. We know how to ensure that you find your feet quickly, and we will help you settle into a community that you are comfortable with.

Everything is new – right down to where’s the best place to pick up a coffee in the morning. Share the experiences encountered by Jacqui of New In Town.

Our Relocation Services are tailored to your needs - You will be assigned one relocation consultant to see your relocation through.  We guarantee personalised attention to detail both before and after the move minimising the potential for problems, and maximisising your prospects for success.  You will soon move from being new in town to feeling right at home.  

We can do as much or as little as you would like us to do -  From airport transfers, standard Home Search before or when you arrive in Perth, helping you find a school for your children or filling your fridge with essential food items when you arrive.  See our Relocation Services to see how we can assist you.

Call us on 1300 912 112 or email our Relocations Team 

New In Town Relocation Packages

Perth Orientation half day and full day tours

Ideal for those who would like to familiarise themselves with the Perth area, one of our experienced consultants will take you on a guided tour based on your requirements.

Orientation and Home Search

Ideally suited for those relocating to Perth and who are requiring assistance to secure a home in the first few weeks of their arrival.

Home Search 

Our Relocations team will source, inspect and apply for properties on your behalf so that your home is available when you arrive.

Individuals - Relocation

Moving on your own or with a partner? We can help make the experience something to remember, rather than forget.

Family - Relocation

Moving an entire family is no small feat. We can make it a lot less daunting whether you're moving interstate or from overseas.

Individually Tailored

Tailor your own relocation package to suit your individual requirements, at New In Town we understand that you may need very specific requirements.

Additional Services

Additional services are available and we are happy to discuss your needs, and shape a program to suit.

Perth Short Stays

New In Town has a selection of fully furnished & equipped properties for families relocating, executives who are in Perth on business, or those just enjoying a short break.  

Perth Orientations

New In Town provides clients with an individually tailored Perth orientation program.