Jacqueline's Story

"My own personal experience as an expat moving interstate numerous times alerted me to understanding the real concerns and important considerations faced by families when undertaking a move interstate or overseas.  I truly understand the stress involved having to leave loved ones and all the comforts of home."

"We  had only visited Perth once before and only for the weekend so when we arrived in Perth we didn't know where to start.  We knew that we wanted to live somewhere near to the beach in the western suburbs and we secured temporary accommodation in Cottesloe.  The problem was that we didn't have a permenant address so we had difficulty finding any school that would take our children "out of area" We eventually found a primary school and we enrolled them into the final term.  After several weeks of looking for a rental property, we found a home in City Beach.  Once our children started at their second local school, we made friends in the area which helped make the transition of settling into a new community so much easier.  Knowing what is vital after we arrived at our new destination was the key to a successful move, and that is what prompted me to establish New In Town Relocations.  

Just some of the issues we had to overcome...

  • Not having a permenant address when we arrived
  • Finding it difficult to get short term accommodation until we'd secured a rental property
  • Moving in and out of accommodation that had been pre-booked, and ending up having to move into several different properties in the four weeks
  • Finding a good school for our kids to attend as most schools don't take out of area enrolments, and we still didn't have a permanent address
  • Finding a reputable doctor, hairdresser, gym etc
  • Finding a good cup of coffee!
  • Meeting new people

New In Town continues to assist numerous clients and their families with their relocation to Perth. Call us to see how we can assist you with yours.

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