13 Useful Tips On Moving To Perth

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1.  Place all important documentation into a travel file along with your passport.  Include such things as marriage certificate, birth certificates, bank statements, current driver's licence and any other relevant documentation.

2.  Along with original documents such as your passport, driver’s licence and credit card, it is useful to have certified copies of all of your identification documents.  It is advised to copy all of these on a USB memory stick for easy access should you need to access them immediately. 

3. Bring copies of any medical records and/or prescriptions.  Be sure to have enough medication until you find a new medical practitioner here in Perth.  

4. If you plan to enrol your children into a childcare facility, you will be required to show copies of up to date immunisation records.  This also applies to children enrolling into a school in Western Australia.  The Department of Health WA immunisation schedule outlines the required vaccinations.

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5. Bring copies of your children's school reports and your resume, including work references and qualifications. Scan and save these documents to a USB memory stick to reduce the amount of paperwork you are travelling with.

6. Finalise any outstanding utility accounts such as electricity, gas, internet and telephone. Make sure that you have a forwarding address for the final statements. 

7. If you want to open a bank or credit union account in Australia, you need to pass the '100 point' system to prove your identification. You must also attend in person at the nominated bank.

8. Cancel your insurances where relevant, including house, contents and car. Also review your life insurance and check if it is valid in Australia. 

9. Bring your superannuation or pension documents and ensure you have the up to date statements showing balances. Check to see if these can be transferred to Australia.

10. Advise your solicitor of your intended move and provide them with your new contact details. This might also be a good time to ensure your Last Will and Testament is up to date.


11.  If you intend Renting a home in Perth  you will need to budget for 4 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond. You will also be required to provide 100 points of identification along with proof of income, referees and previous rental history. To assist with the leasing process obtain a letter of reference from your current landlord or property manager.  Also if you are travelling with pets it is also advised to obtain a pet reference.  For more information about renting in Perth, please go to our Tenancy Laws WA guide 

12.  Download a copy of our free  Moving Checklist From the preliminary things four weeks out, right down to the day you leave, we've got it all covered.  

13.  If you are bringing your belongings with you and need assistance with a removal quote it can be conducted on-line or by making an appointment for a consultant to conduct a free in-home visit.  

This article covers general information about moving to Perth and it does not take in to account, your individual circumstances.   Please use it as a guide only.

If you are considering relocating to Perth we would love to help make the move stress free for you and your family. For more information, please call us on +61 418 629 803 or email our Relocation team.