Perth’s Best Dog Beaches – Where to take your pooch for the perfect play

Perth is well known for its beautiful beaches, where the sand is white, and the coastline goes on forever. So why should we humans be the only one to enjoy them? Perth has an amazing array of Dog beaches to choose from in every corner of this beautiful city!

Clive enjoying a river walk.

Clive enjoying a river walk.

Planning on bringing your pampered pooch to the beach, but not sure where to go? Check out our list to find the perfect place!

Perth is defined by the locals as being divided into two camps. North of the River (NOR) and South of the River (SOR). That river is the Swan, which cuts right through the city. To help you find the closest beach that is dog friendly, check out the list and the map below! All these recommendations come with a warning though – you will love them! But watch the clock. The wind on the west coast picks up at certain times to day. Be sure to time your visit to avoid the worst of it so you can maximise your visit!

Dog Friendly Beaches North of the River

1.        Hillarys Animal Exercise Park and Beach
Starting with Perth’s most dedicated recreational beach area, Hillarys has something for everyone - even our beloved fur-babies! The Animal Exercise area is located between Pinaroo Point and the Ern Halliday Beach camp. With loads of space for your dog to stretch their legs, this is perfect place to come for some rambunctious play! There is even places to wash your pups down to get all that sand off before taking them home. There is always a coffee van hovering too, just to ensure you leave your dog enough time to dry off before hoping in the car!

2.       Trigg Dog Beach
Located between North Trigg Beach car-park and North Trigg beach, this beach’s natural layout makes it very dog friendly for the pups that like to roam! The rocks and rock pools form a natural fence between the water and the rest of the world. What it lacks in space to spread out and throw balls, it makes up for in great social interactions for you and your dog. The locals are lovely, and for the dog that likes to meet other dogs, it is the place to be! Best suited to seasoned beach dogs with good legs. Watch the tide as it further reduces the size of the beach.

3.       Peasholm Dog Beach
If you like to include the walk from the car as a part of your beach-dog time, then this is the beach for you! With a bit of a hike through the sand dunes (There is no hard path, just loose sand), you will eventually find yourself on a beautiful and well cared for beach that the locals have worked hard to make a doggie-haven! The beach is a bit more exposed and locals say that it is best in the morning when the waves aren’t as big, but it has permanent facilities for washing yourself and your pup down.

Allen Park, Swanbourne

4.       South of City Beach Dog Beach
Have a thirsty dog who loves a good run? This is the dog beach for you! With dog washing and watering facilities as well as doggy-doo bags and bins, City Beach has set a standard that other dog beaches are trying to match. The white sand makes it a beautiful walk for the owners too. You can even take your dog off the lead here!

Leighton Dog Beach

5.       Mosman-Leighton Dog beach
Officially a part of North Fremantle, the Mosman-Leighton dog beach is the best-worst kept secret amongst Perth’s dog owners. Ask any dog-beach lover and this will be top of their list, but the information out there is a little thin on the ground – they probably want to keep it to themselves! What you will find is a well-equipped area that is recommended as a good beach for young puppies in need of an introduction to sharing a beach with a crowd. Weekends get quite busy!

1.       South Fremantle Dog Beach
Thanks to the Peninsula and boat harbour that shelters South Fremantle, the South Freo Dog park is home to less choppy conditions. But there are some factors to take into consideration before deciding if this park is for you and your furry friend. The hike from parking to the beach can be tough on some owners, so take that into your planning. The popularity of this park means that you need to have a friendly dog, because everyone else’s dog will want to be friendly with yours! If you can tick those boxes, this will be a great dog beach for you to visit!

2.       North Coogee Dog Beach
If you are from Sydney (Like me!) you might get confused seeing “Coogee” as a beach over here in the West too (If the lingo confuses you too, check out my other article on “How to Speak Westralian” for extra help!). But this is one of Perth’s Best kept secrets. It is the reason I love the South! With nothing but space, it is perfect for a stroll or to stretch your legs and your pup’s. It is quiet, clean, and beautiful. Perfect for the pooch that likes their own personal space. The water is mostly calm, and there are facilities that will keep the whole family happy – making it the perfect place to bring the whole family for a day out! It is only minutes from CY O’Connor Park which is my favourite all-purpose park in Perth!

3.       Woodman Point Dog Beach
Last but not least, the Woodman Point Dog beach! If your dog likes to explore, this is the beach for them. There is often interesting things washed up like seaweed (in season), and the layout of the beach and park means that there is lots of things to do with the recreation reserve and café right next to it! There is designated on and off leash areas so that you can control how much contact your pup has with others.

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