Helping Children Adjust To Life In A New City

Adjusting to life in a new city can be challenging for adults, but children may also be heavily affected by the relocation process. The first few weeks of adjusting to life in a foreign country can be difficult for children, as they are likely to miss the comforts of home and be anxious about making new friends.  In order to ease the transition, there are a variety of ways that you can help your children feel more comfortable – prior to, during and following the move.

A good first step for anyone relocating is to find a relocation company who offers the appropriate assistance for your children including school search assistance.  The relocation company will be able to assist by making pre-arranged appointments so that you are able to visit the selected schools and meet with the enrolment officer. One of the prerequisites in some Australian schools is that in order to attend the school, you will be required to live within the boundaries of the school.  Working with a relocation professional can help with important factors such as good areas, school activities, social events and ratings.  As the school system will likely be the location in which children forge their first relationships, we understant that choosing a reputable school with the appropriate curriculum and extra-curricular activities will be an important decision.

During the transition, clients themselves may also carry some anxiety about taking on a new position at work and becoming familiar with their surroundings.  Because children may need a great deal more support from their parents during the move, employees and children can benefit from taking the time to explore their new surroundings, find a local park, try a new restaurant or visit local tourist attractions. Your relocations company will assist with ideas for your family to not only allows parents and children to bond over a new experience, but can open a child’s eyes to the benefits of their new surroundings.

Additionally, forging new relationships is important in the first few months of living in a new place. However, it is still important to nurture relationships with family and friends back home. Parents can make the move easier by ensuring children have the channels to stay connected with loved ones back home, whether through social media, Skype or just simply writing letters.

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