The Real Cost Of Living In Perth WA

According to “The Global Liveability Report 2013 List of World’s Most Liveable Cities”, Perth is ranked 9th place. But it does come at a price. It is increasingly becoming one of the most expensive places to live in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are ranked among the world’s 19 most expensive cities even surpassing New York and Tokyo.

What you can expect to pay in the current Perth Property Market

Usually when relocating from another city, the number one priority is finding a home. In our experience, we have found that clients arrive with an initial budget in mind. They almost always end up paying 30% to 40% more than they had envisaged, for a Perth rental property.

They are not alone. When my family relocated from Sydney some years ago, we experienced this first hand. We were expecting to find a four bedroom home with an outdoor living area and a pool in the western suburbs. What we didn’t realise, is that we would be paying up to $2000 per week for the privilege.

Why Perth properties are in short supply

The fact is that there is a great demand for rental homes in Perth due to the mining and resource sector in Australia which has driven the increased rental prices, and will continue to do so. According to KPMG, the Australian resources boom has regained momentum and will have significant new growth in productivity in the mining and resource sector in 2013.

Following is an example of the median price rentals of five popular beach suburbs.

Suburb House Bedrooms Median Price Per Week

City Beach
















Wembley Downs




2013 rental data courtesy of REIWA


The benfits of living in Perth

Perth's Pristine Beaches

Whilst the above data shows prices in some of the more exclusive beach suburbs, the news is not all bad for those considering a move to Perth. There are many affordable suburbs which are often overlooked or not even considered.

Clients ask me what it is that I love about Perth and the answer is simple. Perth is all about lifestyle. There is easy access to an array of beautiful parks and pristine beaches, parking is accessible almost everywhere, even in the city and traffic jams are at a minimum.

The climate in Perth is also ideal. This beautiful city will impress even in the winter months commencing in June until August, you will experience days topping 21 degrees.

Planning your move to Perth

Cottesloe Beach PerthIf you are planning to move to Perth, make sure that you do your research beforehand. Take the time to look at the many property sites available. Whether or not you are planning to purchase or lease a home in Perth, the following real estate links will give you insight into Perth’s current property market and also provide you with valuable information on affordable areas.

Useful links to Perth property websites

If you require assistance with your relocation to Perth, talk to one of our consultants. New In Town offers invaluable resources to assist you with your move and to help you familiarise yourself with our beautiful city. Our relocation team will assist you to find a home in Perth. You can also download our useful tools. These tools include a moving checklist, information on leasing a property in Perth and other useful information on Perth.

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