Interstate Arrivals Choose Perth

Despite the downturn in the mining and resources sector, Perth continues to be a popular destination for people relocating from interstate. 

Internal migration data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that in 2013-14, only Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth experienced net relocation gains, with 4,000, 3,500 and 1,500 people respectively. 

On the contrary, more people left Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin than moved in.

Over the past decade, the number of interstate relocations to Perth has been consistently positive, peaking at a net gain of 11,400 people in 2011-12 during the height of the mining boom. 

New in Town Executive Relocations

New In Town is a Perth-based relocations company, offering a range of individually-tailored relocation services to executives and their families, and individuals moving to Perth.

New in Town’s Jacqui Armstrong says people are choosing Perth for the lifestyle change. 

‘Perth is such a liveable city – it’s beautiful, the climate is amazing, there are plenty of open spaces and it’s less stressful than some other capital cities.

‘The majority of our clients are aged between 25 and 45, and move to Perth from interstate for a minimum 12 month work contract, often with their families and pets,’ she said.

Moving to Perth Wish-list

Ms Armstrong says that the services most requested by people moving to Perth include help with buying a car, finding a property to rent, and sourcing short-term accommodation until a more permanent solution can be found.

The most popular suburbs for new arrivals are the Western Suburbs, the northern coastal suburbs, such as Scarborough and Sorrento, and South Perth.

‘People often start out with a budget in mind, but then realise they need to spend a bit more to get what they want in a desirable area.

‘It’s important for people to be close to good schools, shops and transport.

‘In terms of the property required, the typical request is for a minimum of three bedrooms, a decent kitchen and new bathroom, and a little bit of a garden or outdoor area.  Most people would like to have a pool as well, but it’s not usually a priority.’

New Relocation Trends

Ms Armstrong is seeing more and more people moving to Perth with pets – and they usually have more than one.  Because of the weaker rental market, owners are having to be more open to considering allowing pets, in order to lease their property.  New arrivals to Perth often include pet references as part of their rental applications.


‘While most people bring their belongings with them, leasing furniture is worth considering in cases where the relocation is for 12 months to 2 years,’ Ms Armstrong said.

‘It can be cost-effective and stress-free for people to arrive in Perth to a fully furnished home.

‘Another suggestion is for people moving over for work to ask if their company has a relocation budget.  Engaging New in Town can save you and your company time and money.’

Why Choose New in Town?

Living in Perth and knowing Perth well, Ms Armstrong understands the needs of individuals and their families who are moving here.  The number of appreciative comments from clients is overwhelming.

New In Town is well placed to help people who are dealing with the stresses of leaving a familiar life behind, and starting anew in an unknown city.